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INDEX: 2009 BYU Education Week

This index will help you find all the articles from the 2009 BYU Education Week. The story links below are posted with the most recent article at

the top.

Chronicle that history or put it in a narrativeTaylor MacDonald suggests getting that personal history into readable form before it gets away. Be word thrifty and have someone look at it after it's written.Tips for living: Publishing your family historyTucked carefully away in file folders are letters, copies of birth, wedding and death certificates, tape recordings and maybe even some

newspaper clippings as you've researched and gathered together

information on those in the family tree.LDS Church using the Internet to its advantageOfficial LDS Church content on the Web now branches beyond, and more is coming.LDS author gives ideas how to stretch your timeWe each have 24 hours, or 1,440 minutes, in a day. It never just seems like enough.

"Time is a gift from God," said Mary Ellen Edmunds, an author and

speaker at BYU's Campus Education Week on Aug. 21. "We can't even save

a minute for tomorrow.BYU Education Week broadcast schedule setSelect presentations from the 2009 Campus Education Week will be broadcast on BYUTV.Bennett invites readers to take a 'leap of faith'The biggest problem with the Book of Mormon is that it exists, says Sen. Bob Bennett.Fearful or fearless at final judgmentA series of partial judgments lead up to the final judgment day, said

David J. Ridges. And it doesn't have to necessarily be an awful

experience.'Tender mercies' are personalized blessings from GodGod knows who we are by name, but nurturing our relationship with him

is up to us.Chaos normal in motherhoodWhen Katie Van Dyke had her first baby, he was fussy and colicky and her life wasn't the perfect ideal she thought it would be.Nothing surprising in news content about Mormons in 1830It isn't very hard to imagine what the

subscribers of the Rochester (N.Y.) Gem thought about Mormons a

month after The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints was organizedBYU Education Week: Joseph Smith, 'The Seer Stone'Richard Neitzel Holzapfel was amazed at how often Joseph Smith was identified as "the Seer" in John Whitmer's record of the early history of the LDS Church. BYU Education Week: Handmaidens of the LordAlthough men authored most of the books of scripture, there are many things to learn from the women mentioned.Joseph Smith 'most influential' 19th century AmericanJosiah Quincy, Jr., was an eloquent man, mannered and serene in

appearance. He was a relative of former Presidents John Adams and John

Quincy Adams, son of a president of Harvard University and would go on

to become mayor of Boston in 1845.Online predators often start with pornOnline predators generally start out "just" looking at porn but

escalate to preying on the most innocent and most vulnerable, said a

BYU 2009 Campus Education speaker to a largely Mormon audience.Finding great movies for families, part twoNephi had a secret that can help us recognize great movies for our families. Finding great movies for familiesYou can find great movies that will generate thoughtful family discussions. 'The Atonement can heal what we can't'Through a program adapted from the 12-step addiction recovery program,

any Mormon can overcome the natural man or woman, said Kevin

Hinckley at BYU's Campus Education Week on Aug. 21.Life lessons from the happy people of NephiMormons can be as happy as the people of Nephi by keeping the commandments and living

according to scripture, said Nancy Murphy at a recent 2009 BYU Campus Education Week class.Tests are gifts from GodGrowth comes from overcoming and dealing with trials and opposition,

said one of the speakers at the 2009 Mormon BYU Campus Education Week.What's on the Prophet's mind mattersBenjamin J. Knowlton taught a class Aug. 19 at BYU Education Week called "If It's On the Prophet's Mind, It Matters." The class highlighted and discussed several themes that have recently

shown up in addresses and articles written by church president Thomas

S. Monson.BYU Education Week: Being positive to your spouseBombarding your spouse with praise and cultivating charity are two

things that will enhance just about any marriage, Mark D. Ogletree said

in an Aug. 20 session of BYU Education Week.BYU Education Week: Praying with sincerityA prayer's sincerity, not necessarily its wording, is what should be

strived for when communicating with Heavenly Father, said John P. McLay

Thursday at BYU Education Week.Learning to bear the harsh realities of lifeFive years ago, Carrie M. Wrigley was seeing Mormon patients with

largely imaginary fears. Today, her clients at LDS Social Services are

dealing with real demons.Peterson: God of emotion tricky for other faithsHow is it possible for God to weep? Enoch asks this very question in the Book of Moses, while philosophers

and theologians have long rejected the notion of a supreme being that

feels anything, according to Daniel C. Peterson, a professor of Islamic

studies and Arabic at BYUHappy couples share intimate time together, Brinley saysHappily married Mormon couples take the time to pray together, talk,

walk and be intimate with one another, said BYU family studies

professor Douglas E. Brinley, Wednesday at the 2009 BYU Campus

Education Week.BYU professor discusses the doctrine of hellHell isn't necessarily the fearsome, dark place that

some think it is. Then there are others who don't think it should be

studied at all.Parents urged to text their teensMany parents who reach out to their kids on their own technological turf may find they improve their communications.Ballam spreads music with 'Opera With Children'More children need the opportunity to explore music and the arts — including writing and composing their own operas.Budgeting money for kids and parentsChildren growing up in Mormon households

should learn to give as well as pay their tithing.Twelve ways to be more like ChristStudying the Savior is more than figuring out where he walked or what he wore.'Me First' attitude and the ailing economySelfishness is at the root of what ails the economy today says a BYU professor and former Ensign magazine editor.Tom Holmoe give Cougar 'junkies' what they wantThe BYU director of athletics knows what the Education Week crowds want — lots of inside info about the team. But he also had a message.Silencing the inner negative voicesA family therapist suggests ways to quiet the inner voices of discouragement.How are we saved?Mormons are sometimes thrown off by the question, "Are you saved?" This

is, in part, because members of the LDS Church have a different idea of

what "saved" means.Flick shares how to keep a spiritual book of remembranceIn a BYU Education Week class presented Aug. 19 and titled "Practical

Suggestions for Preparing a Spiritual Book of Remembrance," Roger C.

Flick addressed attendees regarding both the importance of preparing a

spiritual book of remembrance and a simplified methodology for doing so.Bytheway teaches youth how to get the most out of SundayJohn Bytheway taught a class for youth titled "The Best Three Hours of

the Week: Getting the Most from Your Sunday Meetings" Aug. 19 during

BYU Education Week.Psychologist at BYU's Education Week speaks on addictionAddiction is a disease that affects the body, mind and spirit, and any

recovery attempt must address those three aspects of a person, Dr. Rick

D. Hawks said in a Wednesday session of BYU Campus Education Week.Understanding grace through the Pauline epistlesMormons can understand Paul's discussion of grace in his epistles even

though other churches may have misunderstood how he used the words

"grace" and "justification."Obesity robbing people of joy and freedom, doctor saysObese people are denied the basic joys of life, said a physician speaking at BYU's Campus Education Week.Families are under attack, LDS leader cautionsThe family is under attack, but parents can protect their children and

their homes by keeping God's commandments, said President Boyd K.

Packer of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles.BYU Education Week: Similarities and basic truths among religionsS. Michael Wilcox encourages attendees at BYU Education Week to expand

their "circles" of truth through both learning and appreciating other

faiths and philosophies.BYU Education Week: Achievers help all of societyUnderachievers hurt all of society while those who are confident about

personal success help, said a psychology professor and learning skills

expert at BYU's 2009 Campus Education Week.BYU Education Week: Valuing gender differencesThe differences between men and women have been discussed by scientists

and researchers ad nauseam, but rarely with the reverence each gender

deserves.BYU Education Week: Nephi, Mary and sacred tree symbolsNephi's familiarity with an ancient Israelite goddess helped him to

understand his vision of the tree of life, said a BYU professor of

Islamic studies and Arabic.Education Week is a family affair for manyTammy Smith has been bringing her family of 10 from Overton, Nev., to

Provo for BYU's Campus Education Week for more than 20 years.Breaking up with the world isn't always easyAs hard as it is to break up with a boyfriend or girlfriend, it's even harder to break up with the bad habits the world glamorizes, said Hank R. Smith at BYU Education week on Monday, August 17, 2009.Reunion with God not immediate, Y. prof saysMormons accept the doctrine of resurrection laid out in the scriptures in "a most literal fashion," professor of ancient scripture Byron Merrill taught at BYU Education Week on Monday.Music is the energy of life, Ballam tells Education Week crowdMusic is made up of more than the creativity or talent of its composer,

said Utah State University professor and general director of the Utah

Festival Opera, Michael Ballam. Its essence of either good or evil

transcends the artist.No need to panic, BYU professor says"Panic comes when you don't know what is happening or what the

outcome will be," said Randy L. Bott, BYU professor of church history

and doctrine, at Campus Education Week on Monday, Aug. 17. His session

was titled, "Staying in the Light and Avoiding Panic — The Lord's

Promises of Safety for His Saints."BYU Education Week: The diversion of wealthThe Savior had a great deal to say on wealth — particularly on the attitude his disciples should have toward it.BYU Education Week previewAbout 20,000 "students" are expected to descend on Provo starting

Saturday as part of BYU's annual Campus Education Week program, which

offers a week of more than 1,000 classes on a variety of topics, from

religion to law.