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Rock On

Packing it on

Utah freshman QB Jordan Wynn showed up for school, last January, weighing in the low 150s.

Not big enough.

In order to get himself up to football weight, nutritionists ordered him to eat several burgers, milk shakes and peanut butter sandwiches a day — 10,000 calories worth. The regimen worked, as he gained 43 pounds.

So let's see if we have the drill figured out. You hang around campus, checking out the coeds, eating around the clock and gaining as much weight as possible.

Sounds cool, but isn't that the same plan Rick Majerus was on?

Moving forward

TCU football coach Gary Patterson, whose team lost a heart-breaker to Utah last fall, couldn't help mildly chiding the Utes for blasting Lynyrd Skynyrd on the loudspeakers and dwelling on past glories.

"They played Sweet Home Alabama on their first day of practice," said Patterson, who added, tongue-in-cheek, "But they've forgotten about the BCS game."

Speaking of which, it looks like somebody hasn't forgotten about last year's Utah game.

Teen wolf

If you were watching the Teen Choice Awards, last week — something Rock On never misses — one of the celebrities who showed up was Mike Tyson.

Sure, he was there to chaperone his kids. But still.

Is it just Rock On, or does anyone else feel weird about Tyson being at a party with a bunch of teenagers?

Striking figure

Although Ashley Harkleroad isn't the first tennis player to pose in Playboy, she's far from the first athlete. Swimming star Amanda Beard was among several predecessors.

Beard once told Outside magazine that she was shocked about her provocative image.

"That's such a bizarre thing to be thinking about — people on the computer actually looking up pictures of me," she said. "I've always felt like this big, frumpy dork, never a sex symbol."

At this point Rock On will take the high road and refrain from any big, frumpy Greg Ostertag jokes.

Forever young

The L.A. Daily News is reporting the USFL, gone 24 years, is planning a comeback next year.

But don't expect it to go bidding against the NFL for top players, the way it did back in the '80s.

Sources say the league is planning on making Steve Young its top draft pick in 2010.

Doggone good deal

Disgraced dogfighter Michael Vick finally made it to the NFL a second time, when he was signed by Philadelphia last week.

This whole Vick business has been distasteful from the start. But as with a lot of things, something good may yet come from it.

Who knows, maybe teams will finally stop playing "Who Let the Dogs Out?" after touchdowns.