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Big hair, dreamy hair

OK, so, Amy Winehouse isn't exactly a style icon. But you gotta give the girl credit, she has a signature look, thanks primarily to that high-post, high-altitude beehive.

Besides Winehouse — who sports her hair hived most of the time — the popular style of the late '50s and '60s is mostly seen these days at Halloween parties or on starlets seeking to sprinkle retro flavor onto the red carpet.

But that doesn't mean people don't love a good beehive, or at least gawking one.

Here's how to build one:

Beehives are best formed from hair that's not squeaky clean. If you must wash your hair, giving it a roller set will help build the foundation. Here's one method:

Use five or six medium rollers for the front; start rolling above the left eye.

Turn the hair to the right and end these curls at the right ear.

Set three forward pin curls close to the hairline on the left side. Then set one medium-sized roller with the hair curled toward the face.

For the crown, use four jumbo rollers turned towards the face. Set the remainder of the hair on medium rollers turned diagonally toward the left.

To comb out your set, brush your hair out wildly. Use mousse, hair spray or other products that make the hair shapeable.

Separate the front, crown and the sides. Pin the four sections out of your way.

In the back, leave about 1 inches of hair free. Roll the rest forward to form a large roll. (If you don't have enough hair, insert a wad of toilet tissue.) Spray. Tuck the ends under; pin.

Brush the rest of the hair in back and pin it going toward the right, leaving the ends free. Spray. Use the loose ends to cover any bobby pins.

Comb the left side section back and work it into the roll with hair pins. Spray and repeat on the right side.

Back-comb or tease the hair at crown to make it stand tall. (DANGER: Teasing can cause hair damage.) Take the smooth hair from the front and cover up the ratty pouf you created, while adding all the hair to the bouffant formed in the back of the head. Spray.

Brush the front hair to the left, dipping it slightly to form the bang and blend ends smoothly into the roll. Spray. Spray. Spray.


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