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Jacques Rogge plans to retire from IOC after 2013

LONDON — IOC president Jacques Rogge plans to resign as an active member of the Olympic committee after his final presidential term ends in 2013, preferring to serve as an "honorary president."

The 67-year-old Belgian, who was elected president in 2001, is seeking a second term at the International Olympic Committee session in Copenhagen in October. As the only candidate, his re-election is a formality.

The second term is for four years, with no third term permitted.

Rogge does not want to stay on as a normal member after 2013.

"When the president's final term comes to an end in 2013, he does not want to become a constant 'presence' in the background interfering in the work of the new president," IOC spokesman Mark Adams said Tuesday. "He has made it clear that the new president must be free in his or her work of shaping the future of the IOC.

"For that reason, he would consider being an honorary president — if that was felt appropriate by the organization — but the key point would be that he would no longer be an 'active' member."

Rogge succeeded Juan Antonio Samaranch, a Spaniard who served as IOC president for 21 years. The two-term, 12-year limit was introduced before Rogge's election in Moscow eight years ago.