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Family Dollar store robbed of $100

CLINTON— Police are looking for a suspect who forced a Family Dollar cashier to the ground Monday night and robbed the cash register of $100.

At 8:30 p.m. the cashier called the Clinton Police Department and said an armed man stormed the store near 1960 North and 2000 West and demanded cash from the register, said Chief Bill Chilson of the Clinton Police Department.

The store was empty of its customers at that time. Police said the man took $100 and ordered the teller to the ground.

"It amazes me that somebody would put their life in jeopardy and want to spend a lot of time in prison for $100," Bilson said.

The cashier was unharmed. Police used a canine unit to try to track the man but had no leads as of Tuesday morning.

— Michael Gonda