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Honorary name for Ogden street

OGDEN — Somewhere, a pep rally will go wild.

The students at St. Joseph's Catholic High School in Ogden can now drive on Jayhawk Way — full of Jayhawk pride — on their way to school.

The Ogden City Council on Tuesday unanimously approved the honorary street name of Jayhawk Way for the section of 24th Street east of Harrison Boulevard. That section of 24th Street leads to the school's entrance.

The honorary name doesn't change anyone's official address on 24th Street but follows a similar pattern set by Ogden High School's Tiger Way and Weber State University's Wildcat Way.

The high school will be responsible for the construction and installation of the signs.

Norm Allred, St. Joseph's principal, called the change a great honor that recognizes the long history of Catholic teaching in northern Utah.

Allred said he plans to get the signs — which will likely coincide with the school's colors of green and gold — installed as soon as possible.

— Joseph M. Dougherty