SAN DIEGO — Lou Piniella knows just how Chicago White Sox general manager Ken Williams feels.

Well, almost. The Cubs manager didn't get a ticket when he got caught jaywalking on the West Coast.

Piniella said he was given a warning after jaywalking in downtown San Diego on Tuesday, just eight days after Williams was cited and fined for the same infraction in Seattle.

Piniella was talking on his cell phone with his son while he was looking for a place to get his hair cut when he said he crossed against a red light. Piniella said he heard a police siren and thought, "I wonder who he's after?"

It turns out it was Piniella. A motorcycle police officer checked Piniella's identification, then gave him a verbal warning.

"I appreciated it," Piniella said. "I took my warning and went on my merry way."

Piniella said he did not think the officer knew he was the Chicago Cubs manager.

Williams was cited for illegally crossing a street outside Safeco Field on Aug. 10 when the White Sox were playing the Seattle Mariners. Williams was also on a cell phone as he exited a taxicab when he was cited by a police officer and had to pay a $56 fine.

"Kenny can afford it," Piniella said with a hearty laugh.

The Cubs played the San Diego Padres Tuesday night in the second game of a three-game series.