Sen. Howard Stephenson, R-Draper, plans to present a bill Wednesday that calls for stricter regulations on school districts receiving tax-equalization funds.

One stipulation would be that districts must opt for year-round school before constructing new buildings.

"We want to ensure they are utilizing their buildings at full capacity," Stephenson said.

The bill also ensures the funding isn't used to build "Taj Mahals," he said.

Stephenson's proposal is scheduled to be discussed during the Legislature's Education Interim Committee meeting at the Capitol.

The capital-equalization law, which came out of the 2008 Legislative session, goes into effect this fiscal year.

Salt Lake County school districts — Canyons, Murray, Granite and Salt Lake City — will contribute to the ever-growing Jordan School District's capital funds to construct new schools.

The districts each have varying monetary requirements for the equalization and are handling the demand differently. Contributions are based on taxable value, size of district and number of students. Granite will pay $725,067; Canyons, $3.8 million; Salt Lake, $5.7 million; and Murray, $109,305.

The original bill called for a statewide equalization.

Stephenson says his proposal is an attempt to save the county-wide equalization law.

"Right now, it is under serious threat," he said. "People now know what they are paying. The donor districts, and legislators representing the donor districts, are eager to repeal the whole thing."


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