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The species tagged for possible federal protection

Species list

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service says 29 species may warrant protection under the Endangered Species Act:


Yellowstone sand verbena in Wyoming

Ross' bentgrass in Wyoming

Hamilton milkvetch in Colorado and Utah

Isely milkvetch in Utah

Skiff milkvetch in Colorado

Precocious milkvetch in Wyoming

Cisco milkvetch in Utah

Schmoll milkvetch in Colorado

Fremont County rockcress in Wyoming

Boat-shaped bugseed in Colorado

Pine springs cryptantha in Arizona and Utah

Weber whitlowgrass in Colorado

Brandegee's wild buckwheat in Colorado

Frisco buckwheat in Utah

Ostler's peppergrass in Utah

Lesquerella navajoensis in Arizona, New Mexico and Utah

Flowers pentemon in Utah

Gibben's beardtongue in Colorado, Utah and Wyoming

Pale blue-eyed grass in North Dakota, Oregon, Washington

Frisco clover in Utah


Frigid ambersnail in Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Missouri, Mississippi, Ohio, South Dakota and Wisconsin

Bearmouth mountainsnail in Montana

Byrne Resort mountainsnail in Montana

Longitudinal gland pyrg in Nevada and Utah

Hamlin Valley pyrg in Utah

Sub-globose snake pyrg in Utah


Platte River caddis fly in Nebraska

Meltwater lednian stonefly in Montana


Northern leatherside chub in Utah, Idaho, Nevada, Wyoming