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Sandy woman loses her home, cat and dog in blaze

SANDY — A woman's Sandy home went up in flames Thursday after a fire started somewhere in her kitchen, officials said.

The woman wasn't at her home at 1160 E. Sego Lily Drive in Sandy when the fire began, but firefighters were able to control the blaze within 15 minutes, said Sandy Fire Deputy Chief Bruce Cline.

Cline said the first crew on the scene saw smoke and flames coming through the front window and door and was able to "make an attack" to get the fire under control. He said firefighters know the fire originated in the home's kitchen, but they have been unable to determine what caused the blaze.

He said the single-alarm fire caused "$100,000 plus" in damages to the home, and completely destroyed the back deck, as well as the attic and various parts of the second floor.

While the firefighters said there were no injuries, Susan Thomas of the Red Cross, who went to the scene to provide aid, said the woman had two pets who died in the fire, one cat and one dog. Thomas said the woman was "totally distraught" when she realized that her pets hadn't made it.

"She was really, understandably, horribly distraught when she did arrive at the scene," Thomas said. "It was so hard for her to discover that her whole home was destroyed and two of her pets were dead."

Despite the loss, Thomas said she was grateful the Red Cross could help. She said the woman had relatives she could stay with, and the Red Cross would provide clothing, food and shoes, as needed.

— Emiley Morgan