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Truman home closure postponed

Despite the closing notice issued by the National Park Service last month, the Harry S. Truman home will remain open until further notice.

The historic home in Independence, Mo., was being closed for renovations to the heating and ventilation system, but the work is being delayed for further preparatory work.

Historic wallpaper has already been removed from the walls of the Truman home. The National Park Service said in a press release that the walls are now in optimal condition to conduct repairs on the deteriorated spots due to rain. Parts of the second floor and attic will be braced with metal supports.

Parts of the floor have been removed to make way for an updated fire suppression and heating system, which will allow better repairs to the support system of the house.

The home is a popular destination for LDS church history tour visitors. Daily tours will continue. Weekend tours of the Truman Farm Home in Grandview, Mo., are also available.