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LDS Church News: BYU exhibit celebrates Victorian art

PROVO — More than a century ago, Thomas Holloway, an 80-year-old English multimillionaire, purchased 77 of the finest contemporary British paintings available to furnish an art museum for the London's women's college he founded in 1879.

Sixty paintings from the collection Holloway assembled will be on view at the BYU Museum of Art from Aug. 14 through Oct. 24. "Paintings from the Reign of Victoria: The Royal Holloway Collection, London" illustrates some of the highest achievements in figurative and landscape art of the 19th century.

Many of these works were among the most visible and praised "modern canvases" in London in the 1880s. The majority of the paintings in this exhibit have never been displayed outside of England. BYU's Museum of Art is one of only seven venues on the U.S. exhibition tour.

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