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2009 BYU-Idaho Education Week -- Index

Gathering occurs via obedience, sacrificePrimary General President Cheryl C. Lant spoke about how the concept of gathering affects church

members.Building ZionBYU-Idaho

President Kim B. Clark explored the connection between the rising

generation and the establishment of Zion.God's backup plans cover human weaknessThe world would have been different if the children of Israel would

have given themselves to God, suggests a presenter at BYU-Idaho Education Week.Worthy of the work we were born to doIn order to describe how times have changed for the worse in the world,

Jack Marshall compared passages from the 1965 For the Strength of Youth

handbook and the 2004 handbook. He described the differences between

what the youth faced in 1965 and what the youth face today.BYU-I speaker extols the virtues of humorWhen you want people to learn from and listen to you, you do it with

humor, not lectures, said Barbara Barrington Jones, public speaker CEO

of the HBJ Foundation in a class during Education Week at BYU-Idaho.