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LDS Church starts blogging

Make room in the already-crowded blogosphere — The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has now entered the realm of blogging.

Having provided online news, information and reaction at its more formal site for the past decade, the LDS Church's Public Affairs Department unveiled the supplementary Newsroom Blog — found at — and its inaugural two posts Wednesday.

The first post served as an introduction to the blog itself. The second post linked to another religious blog responding with concerns to a recent Associated Press article about the LDS Church.

The introductory offering promised "a different, more conversational tone" to posts than the church's official news releases, although blog items are not necessarily to be viewed as official church statements.

The plan is to provide commentary, additional context, localized stories and background to help both the public and the media better understand LDS Church-related news and issues, the first post added.

Blog posts will be managed and primarily written by the church's Public Affairs staff, along with links to other blogs and online material as well as posts of public responses that are received at

The Newsroom Blog can be followed in five ways: through the URL site, from an e-mail subscription, via an RSS feed and through Facebook and Twitter links.