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Hike of the week: Honeycomb Fork to Silver Fork loop — Big Cottonwood Canyon

This is a challenging hike, and staying on the trail can be confusing.

Start hiking on the north end of the parking lot at Solitude. The trail goes under the Eagle Express lift and comes to a service road. Take the service road up and go right at the split. At 1.5 miles, the service road ends at the Honeycomb return lift. The trail follows a creek up Honeycomb Fork. At 2.9 miles you pass some abandon mines and the trail gets steeper.

Pay close attention as you near the ridgeline. It's easy to get off the main trail. If the trail you are on drops down and seems to end, you have missed the main trail above you. Hike straight up the mountain for about 50 feet to find it. You arrive at the Honeycomb lift. From the lift, go through the pass heading south. You come to a view above Twin Lakes Reservoir.

Make your way down to the trail you see below you. Go right at this trail heading uphill for Twin Lakes Pass. From the pass, go downhill toward Alta. There is a shortcut path on the right, about 25 feet down the pass. It's difficult to spot, but it is a nice route to Davenport Hill.

Make your way up to the ridgeline of Davenport Hill and take the steep trail down into Silver Fork Canyon. At the bottom of Silver Fork, the trail loops back to cabins and the parking area. This hiking adventure awaits the explorer!

Getting there

Directions: Drive up Big Cottonwood Canyon and park in the lower Solitude parking lot. The trail starts from the lot and isn't posted.Destination Loop views

Difficulty: Difficult

Round trip: 7.5 miles

Hiking time: 5 to 6 hours

Accumulative gain: 2,289 ft.

Trailhead restrooms: No

Dogs allowed: No