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Fires force road and trails to close

Fires caused new road and trail closures in Utah Wednesday and two suspicious fires have prompted the offer of a reward.

The Maple Canyon and Hobble Creek fires both started Monday night in the time span of about an hour, said Jennifer Sullivan, public information officer for the U.S. Fire Administration's Type 3 Incident Management Team, which is fighting the two fires.

She said a white SUV was seen in both areas in the same time frame, and investigators with the Utah County Sheriff's Office believe the vehicle to be a clue to help them figure out what started the fires. In an effort to aid the sheriff's office in their investigation, an "anonymous source" is offering a reward for information regarding the SUV and whether its occupants started the fires, Sullivan said.

The reward is not being offered by the sheriff's office, although it announced the reward, Sullivan said. She said the amount has not been determined at this time.

The fires led to the closures of main roads in both Hobble Creek and Maple canyons, but both closures had been lifted by Wednesday evening. By that time, both fires had also been 100 percent contained, Sullivan said.

Meanwhile, the Lake Fork Fire near Indianola has grown to around 1,630 acres and has led to two new closures, in addition to four that had already been in effect. The Blind Canyon Trail and Birdseye Quarry Road were both closed Thursday, said Rosann Fillmore, public affairs officer for Manti La-Sal National Forest.

— Emiley Morgan