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Shining Moments: Community meal

What started out as a ward breakfast held on the Fourth of July six years ago has now evolved into a community event. For members of the Bethany Ward, Cedar Mill Oregon Stake, and their friends and neighbors, it is a breakfast looked forward to all year long.

\"Our ward had been holding a breakfast in the same park where the local Charlais Women's Network hosted a community celebration,\" said Todd Harrison.

In order to avoid competing with the local group in the park, the ward members decided to open the breakfast up to the community — free of charge.

\"When it first started, the Charlais Womens Network was a little hesitant,\" Harrison said. \"However, about 250 people came for breakfast and it was seen as a huge success. Each year since then it has grown in numbers.\"

Although some of the costs of the breakfast are covered through the ward budget, ward members and people within the community put much of the breakfast on themselves.

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