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Mormon parents help daughters dress modestly for school

LONGMONT, Colo. — There's a steadfast rule in the Miller family when it comes to clothes.It's called the \"head, shoulders and knees\" rule.\"Basically, if you raise your hands, it has to cover your stomach,\" said Angela Miller, a Mormon and mother of five children — two of them teenage daughters. \"And if you bend over, I don't want to see anything hanging out.\"Finding trendy and modest clothing is a constant struggle, said Miller, a Mead resident. She orders the bulk of her daughters' clothing online at boutiques like DownEast Basics and Modbe Clothing. The Utah-based companies sell basics the Millers layer under revealing tops.\"Our closets are packed to the gills,\" Miller said, explaining that for most outfits, the girls need modifiers — shrugs, jackets, wraps, shawls, cardigans, tank tops and undershirts.Most immodest clothes can be layered to be suitable for teens, but Angela said buying inappropriate clothes and altering them is like \"voting with our wallets\" and sending a message to designers that their clothes are acceptable.