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Six games that will help determine the BCS national championship game

Oregon at Boise State, Sept. 3 — Opening night and the national title is on the line. OK, that's probably a bit much. But understand this: If the Broncos beat the Ducks on the Blue Turf, Boise State is likely on its way to another undefeated regular season.

Virginia Tech vs. Alabama at Atlanta, Sept. 5 — The Crimson Tide used an opening game demolition of Clemson last year to vault into national title contention. This game should do the same for the winner.

USC at Ohio State, Sept. 12. — The Trojans dusted the Buckeyes 35-3 last year in Los Angeles. The Buckeyes get their chance for payback against a USC team that will be traveling to hostile territory with a quarterback, probably Aaron Corp, making at most his second college start.

Florida at LSU, Oct. 10 — One could argue the Georgia game is the toughest on the Gators' schedule, but that's on a neutral field. LSU is one of the few teams in the country that can match athletes with the defending national champions.

Oklahoma vs. Texas at Dallas, Oct. 17 — Somewhere a Texas fan is reading this and thinking: "Well, it didn't decide anything last year." Bold prediction: The winner of this game takes the Big 12 South.

Ohio State at Penn State, Nov. 7 — If the Buckeyes can handle the Trojans in September, the schedule sets up nicely for them to be unbeaten heading to Happy Valley, where the Nittany Lions could very well be waiting with an unblemished record.