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Man is killed by large roll-up door

WEST JORDAN — A Kearns man died Friday afternoon at his work when a nearly 2-ton roll-up door crushed him.

The incident that killed 40-year-old Leonard Maez occurred at Interstate Brick, 9780 S. 200 West, West Jordan and was ruled an accident, said Marc McElreath, South Jordan Fire assistant chief.

The enormous steel door protected intense heat from escaping a large kiln that was used to dry bricks in the warehouse, for which Maez was an operator, McElreath said.

The man's wife arrived to pick him up at about 3 p.m. When she couldn't find him, an employee went to search and found Maez's body pinned at the waist beneath the door, according to McElreath.

"He was last seen by a co-worker at about 1:15," McElreath said. "So he could have been pinned for a couple of hours before we arrived."

The overhead door stands 10 feet high and 25 feet wide; it's about 4 inches thick because it's lined with bricks, officials said

Exactly how the man fell victim to equipment, with which he routinely worked, is still largely unclear, officials said. McElreath said investigators didn't notice signs of mechanical wear or evidence of a possible automatic malfunction.

— Jacob Hancock