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Keep home safe for toddlers; recycle with Calphalon

Even if you think your home is safe for a toddler, it might not be safe enough.

In a recent poll, the Home Safety Council found that while many parents have taken steps to make their homes childproof, most have neglected some tasks that would protect children from common home injuries.

Specifically, the council found that only 21 percent had installed toilet-seat latches in at least one bathroom to prevent drowning, 43 percent had cut window blind cords into two pieces and placed them out of children's reach to prevent choking, and 50 percent had installed safety gates at the top and bottom of stairs. The council has guidance for parents at Besides childproofing tips, the site has a virtual home tour of a safe house, a New Moms Forum, a safety checklist and other resources.



Calphalon is encouraging consumers to upgrade their cookware by offering to recycle their old pots and pans.

Every set of Calphalon Unison, the company's new line of nonstick cookware, comes with a Calphalon ReNew shipping box and prepaid FedEx label.

The box can be filled with any brand of cookware in any condition and sent to Calphalon, which will deliver it to a recycling center. In return, the customer will receive two shopping bags made of recycled cotton.

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