Parents often dote upon their children's endeavors, giving the youths hope for success.Between soccer practices, band performances and extracurricular activities, parents cheer along the sidelines and lose themselves by living vicariously through their kids.Even within my family, my parents are extremely supportive of my ventures — including the worldwide Antarctica blogger's competition; my mother thinks I'm crazy.The point is, when we are supported by our parents, we have a stronger sense of perseverance and dedication in everything we do. As a result, we feel as though success is more obtainable.But, what about our parents? Who supports them in their endeavors? It seems odd to have the roles reversed. Just picture a youth soccer match with the parents playing the game, and the youths cheering while capturing the moment with cameras.Well, as funny as that sounds, this fall is looking to be a lot like that scenario. This week, my father, Donny Osmond, announced that he will be on the upcoming season of "Dancing With The Stars."Because of this, I've received a few e-mails asking if I'll be watching the show, voting, or even going to the tapings.Of course! This is exciting. I don't want to miss it.This time, it's my turn to cheer for him along the sidelines.Sure, I'll get a little over-zealous about voting for my father, but I'll do my best to curb enthusiasm and keep the excitement on Facebook ... and Twitter ... and my blog.Best of luck, Dad! I'll bring the water cooler with the after-the-game treats.

Editor's note: Don Osmond is participating in a worldwide competition to be the official blogger for an Antarctica expedition. He is

currently ranked near the top of 400 entries. If you wish to help him on his way, please vote.