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Man is arrested in Lindon shooting

Kay  Fotheringham
Kay Fotheringham

LINDON — A Lindon man aiming to shoot a cat with a sawed-off shotgun succeeded in hitting a driver's education instructor and his student instead, police said.

Kay Fotheringham, 52, was "pretty drunk" early Wednesday evening when he spotted a cat in his backyard and attempted to shoot it with the gun, which was loaded with birdshot, said Lindon Police Chief Cody Cullimore. The birdshot missed the cat, instead grazing his fence, a trailer and a driver's education instructor and student.

According to police, the teacher and student were getting gas at the Alpine School Maintenance shop near 500 North and State Street, when the errant pellets hit them. Cullimore said "nobody really got hurt."

Their injuries were so minor, in fact, that Cullimore didn't call police until a few hours after the incident, when he went home and realized the seriousness of what had happened. He said police were then able to go to the gas station and find BB pellets, as well as the damaged trailer, which led them to Fotheringham's home.

When they confronted Fotheringham, he initially denied shooting the gun, but then admitted to it. Cullimore said the man told police he had the sawed-off shotgun "because he was going camping and it would be easier to pull from his sleeping bag if there was a bear."

He is being investigated for myriad charges, including knowingly possessing a sawed-off shotgun, a felony crime; discharging a firearm in a city; intoxication and disorderly conduct, which are all misdemeanors. He was arrested and taken to Utah County Jail but later posted bail, Cullimore said.