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Logan canal owners erect fence against tubing

LOGAN — A group of Cache County canal owners are trying to keep people from tubing down a popular stretch of a Logan Canyon canal after a downstream bank failed in July, sending a torrent of mud that killed a mother and two children.

The Logan, Hyde Park, and Smithfield Canal Co. says it plans major construction to reroute a section of canal because of the failure and is putting up a fence to block a key tubing drop-off spot a mile inside Logan Canyon.

The canal company's president, Keith Meikle, says it tolerated tubing, but was advised by the Utah Highway Patrol and other government agencies that traffic was causing parking problems on a blind corner.

Construction crews last week started erecting a chain-link fence around the tubing access point. The canal company will post no-trespassing signs, which troopers say they'll aggressively enforce.