Monday, August 24Moroni's horn: Ever heard the story about the day the Angel Moroni almost lost his horn? It's full of intrigue, suspicion and even exploding bombs! Although no one was hurt, and the horn was repairable. Telephone church: What would it be like to be a member going to church by telephone? These saints live in such a remote corner of the world that, for now, that is their only option. "Prayers and talks are done over the phone, the passing of the sacrament is done in every little town that has a priesthood member. Songs are a little tricky, as there is a bit of a delay over the phones." Temple dedication: I wanted to find some bloggers who attended the Oquirrh Mountain Temple dedication yesterday, and I wasn't disappointed. I found testimony after testimony from bloggers who wrote about their spiritual experiences. I specifically liked this post on the Oquirrh Mountain Temple dedication written by a 14-year-old, who said: "There were a few speakers, most of which talked to the youth in attendance, I thought that it was really cool that they would direct their attention to the little kids, to prepare to enter the temple." Small acts: "'Your hair looks beautiful today.' 'I love your confidence, it makes me feel bolder.' 'What a striking dress! You have excellent taste in clothes.' 'Your shined shoes speak well of the care you take of yourself.'" Aren't these nice compliments? This blogger uses these examples to illustrate the importance of sincere small acts of kindness in "In Praise of Bright Words." So let me do the same: "I am delighted that you read my picks today, I hope your day is filled with bright words!"