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Man accused of attempting to kidnap boy in Coalville

COALVILLE — A man convicted of forcible sexual abuse of a child in 1991 was arrested Sunday after he was accused of trying to kidnap a boy in Summit County, police said.

Keith Bowen Shaw, 76, was sitting in his truck and talking to an 11-year-old boy near a skate park on Center Street in Coalville when two women who knew of the man's past spotted them, said Summit County Sheriff's detective Ronald Bridge.

Shaw had called the boy over to his truck around 2 p.m. and told him he'd give him food if he went to his home, Bridge said. Shaw then allegedly made "an overt movement to grab the child" when the two women walked over, prompting Shaw to drive away.

"These two particular ladies are part of the small community and were familiar with (the man) and knew him and his history," Bridge said. "When they saw the little boy standing next to the truck and the gentleman who was in it, they approached them."

The detective said the police were then able to go straight to Shaw's home, where they arrested him for investigation of attempted child kidnapping. Because the community is small and the two lived in the same area, Bridge said it is most likely that Shaw knew who the boy was.

— Emiley Morgan