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Man jailed after wife found dead in Cedar

CEDAR CITY— The husband of a 19-year-old woman found dead Sunday morning was arrested at the scene, but police have yet to determine if he was involved in her death.

The police responded to a call about 9 a.m. Sunday reporting gunshots at the couple's apartment near the intersection of 400 North and 400 West, said Cedar City Police Sgt. J.R. Robinson. Police found the woman, Misty Lamoreaux, dead at the scene.

Robinson said he was unsure whether fighting or arguing preceded the shooting. He said police were also not certain as to how many shots were fired or how many hit the woman. He said the couple was new to the area, having only lived in Cedar City for a month or less.

When police arrived, they saw a man leaving the scene and, "given the nature of the call," moved to arrest him, Robinson said. The man, who turned out to be the woman's husband, led police officers on a foot chase.

Robinson said "he did get some ways" before he was arrested for investigation of possession of a firearm by a restricted person and failing to stop at the command of an officer. Even though the man fled from police, Robinson said, the arrest should not be "misunderstood" as an implication of guilt.

Police said they are still investigating and awaiting an autopsy, which they hope will provide more information into the woman's death.

— Emiley Morgan