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Murray meeting to discuss plan to change sex education in Utah

A town-hall meeting will be held Wednesday at 6 p.m. to discuss a bill that would implement changes to the state's sex-education curriculum.

The forum is free to the public and will include community comments and an open discussion. The meeting will be held in the Murray City Library, 166 E. 5300 South, Murray.

The sex-education bill, sponsored by Rep. Lynn Hemingway, D-Salt Lake, would allow parents to choose between two health classes.

One course would be abstinence-based and teach strategies for waiting until marriage but also offer information about issues such as sexually transmitted diseases. The other class would emphasize abstinence but also offer facts including STD prevention and contraceptive options.

Hemingway is scheduled to attend the meeting, which is hosted by local advocacy group Planned Parenthood Action Council.

For questions about the meeting, contact the council at 801-524-1791 or

For more information on the council or the bill, go to

— By Amy K. Stewart