As an 80-year-old cigar smoker still capable of operating an automobile safely, I find government becoming increasingly discriminatory.

My last Utah income tax payment was larger than the previous year despite a $7,000 less taxable income from the previous year. My cost for my cigars is 10 times what it was 10 years ago. My Medicare is about to further limit what treatment I can have covered. While teens are the most dangerous drivers on the road, I can expect regular testing as a consequence of aging as opposed to number of accidents or citations experienced. Now, the state is considering raising the tobacco tax.

In order for me to maintain my current lifestyle it will be necessary to eliminate all contributions to charity since I will not be able to afford those and taxes, too. However, I will continue to obey the laws since I do not wish to spend the remaining years of my life in jail.

L.D. Slater