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Shining moments: No coincidence

I live in West Los Angeles and am a temple worker at the Los Angeles

California Temple. On Fridays, I like to take walks of about three to four miles.

I hop a bus and get off wherever it seems nice. It is a different location

each Friday. I also take a different route home.

I got off near Overland Avenue, a north-south street, and started my

walk home on Friday, July 3. I was walking on the northbound side of the

street toward the temple when, where Overland crosses the Santa Monica

Freeway, something ahead caught my eye — a blue temple family file

card on the ground stuck to a fence.

As I bent down to pick it up, I saw several more cards, both pink and

blue. I picked up 47 cards, all showing signs of being outdoors for an

extended time. Looking at the temple codes, I saw that the cards had been

all over the world. The last ordinance indicated on some cards had been

completed in 1968.

I went back the next day, broadened the area of my search, and found 23

more cards. In subsequent days, I found about a dozen more. I often walk

that route now.See the full story on

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