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Portraits of the past: Support for the Saints

Two of the most supportive Latter-day Saints in Great Britain were John and Jane Benbow of the Herefordshire area of England. The Benbows' faith, influence on others and financial support of missionaries and of various projects were a great blessing. For reasons not fully understood, John and Jane Benbow sold their possessions and moved from their home and property at Hill Farm within a few weeks of joining the church (see Woodruff journal, typescript, 1:433). They relocated in the general area and continued their generous ways until they left England for America on Sept. 8, 1840. Jane did not live to make it to Utah. John eventually settled in the Salt Lake Valley, and his burial site is in Murray, Utah. The former Benbow home and complex of outbuildings still stand, as seen here. They are presently owned by Robert and Louise Manning, faithful members of the Church of England. Louise has done some significant research into this period of LDS history. The Mannings are kind friends to the Latter-day Saints and very gracious in allowing many to visit and learn about the historic property on which they reside and work.

— Kenneth Mays