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Rethink health care

I went to the dentist yesterday. I went to a small, government-operated clinic in Salt Lake City and received my first examination in more than a year. Because of all of the rhetoric in America, even I, a supporter of public health care, expected low-quality services and substandard equipment. To my delight, the equipment was satisfactory and the service turned out to be some of the best and most competent I have ever received.

I'm a hard worker. Everyone I work with will tell you so. But because of circumstances we've been unable to procure insurance until we were accepted by Primary Care Network, a government-run program. Throughout my life I will dutifully and gratefully pay my taxes so I can provide the same assistance to others who are in need.

I urge everyone to reconsider your negative views of government-sponsored health care. For some of us, it's all the health care we have.

Dwight Sheldon Adams