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Police say man confessed to stabbing, killing his wife

Dennis Lambdin, 60, of Cottonwood Heights, told the policemen at his door that he had done "something horrible."

According to charges filed in 3rd District Court Wednesday, police arrived for a welfare check at Lambdin's home Aug. 17 after learning that his wife was in possible danger.

They went inside the home and found Lambdin's wife, Touch Choun, lying facedown on the kitchen floor in a pool of blood.

Lambdin told police that he and his wife began to argue in the kitchen when she came home from work, the charges said. He said he "slugged her about four or five times" and reached for a knife and stabbed his wife. "I just kept stabbing her," he told police.

When Lambdin could see that his wife was suffering, he grabbed what he called a "decorated ball" and "smashed her in the back of the head with it three times," he told police.

Lambdin was charged with a single count of murder, a first-degree felony, on Wednesday. If convicted, he faces a sentence of life imprisonment.

?— Michael Gonda