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Emily W. Jensen: Today in the Bloggernacle

Thursday, August 27

Cable quandary:

Is it ok to be illegal to watch BYU Television? Jon W. wonders about the dishonest nature of Mormons

illegally obtaining United States cable so that they can watch KBYU and

BYUTV on cable, since neither are offered on Canadian cable. Click to

give your opinion.

Book evaluations: Book reviewing over email, website, and especially blogs is becoming ever more popular, But

author Shannon Hale, wonders \"if book evaluation is trumping

self-evaluation. I wonder if we get so caught up in gushing or bashing,

shining up those stars or taking them away, that the reading experience

is weighed too heavily on the side of the book itself and not enough on

the reader. After all, reader is more important than book. Reader is

the one who changes from reading, not the book. Reader is the one who

lives the magic of storytelling.\" Check out this fascinating post (full

of insightful comments) on \"How to be a reader: book evaluation vs. self-evaluation.\"

James Covill:

If you pull out your Doctrine and Covenants and flip to the Section 39 heading you will read \"James Covill, who had been a Baptist minister for about forty years...\"

However, thanks to new research coming out in the next

installment of the Joseph Smith Papers Project, scholars now know that

he was not a Baptist minister.

Click to find out \"Why it matters that James Covill was Methodist and not a Baptist.\"

Mormon cinema:

What's coming up this fall in the world of Mormon movies? Check out these \"Four pieces of Mormon cinema news\" to find out. Will \"White on Rice\"

or \"Broken Hill\" or \"One Good Man: Life as a Latter-day Dad\" become

standards in Mormon cinema?