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High school football: Black and blue — Alta vs. Bingham

Besides being the most-played football game over the past three years, Alta vs. Bingham has grown to become the premier football rivalry in the state of Utah. There's nothing else like it, and another mammoth crowd is expected to be on hand when Alta linebacker A'i Ho-Ching and his Hawks make the short bus ride to South Jordan to face Bingham tailback Harvey Langi and his Miners at 7 p.m. Friday. Heading into the big game, here's a closer look at what to expect on both sides of the ball:

When Alta has the ball ...

Keys for Alta to be successful, according to Alta coach Les Hamilton:

Keep pressure off QB Jordan Brown. "They thrive off creating pressure, so we've got to keep pressure off our quarterback."

Secure the ball and not turn it over.

Get big plays against Bingham's defense. "We've got to get some big plays against them in either the running or passing game."

Key Alta offensive player, according to Hamilton:

Wide receiver Zach Liston: "He's one of our three really good receivers that was kind of held in check last week against Cottonwood, and I'm kind of hoping he has a break-out game this week."

Keys for Bingham to be successful, according to Bingham coach Dave Peck:

Don't let Brown get into a comfort zone "We can't let him go nuts. We can't give up an 80-yard run like he had on the first play of the game against Cottonwood."

Keep Alta's offense guessing from start to finish: "We've got to mix up our defense. Sometimes we need to come with pressure and sometimes we need to sit back and play a solid zone defense."

Key Bingham defensive player, according to Peck:

Nose tackle Seni Fauonuku: "He's scored about 15 points and had about five unassisted tackles in Game 1. He's a beast, and if he can control the line of scrimmage, that's huge for us."

When Bingham has the ball ...

Keys for Bingham to be successful, according to Bingham coach Dave Peck:

Avoid turning the ball over. "I just think the team that turns the ball over the least is probably going to win the game."

Control the ball and keep Alta's high-flying offense on the sidelines. "We don't have to get first downs all the time, but it would be nice to keep their offense off the field."

Key Bingham offensive player, according to Peck:

QB Ty Hannay: "I know he was a little (too) pumped up against Viewmont and the ball was sailing on him a little bit. But I really expect him to have a big game, and if he does have a big game, I like our chances."

Keys for Alta to be successful, according to Alta coach Les Hamilton:

Corral Bingham all-everything tailback Harvey Langi. "He's one of the top running backs in the country, and we're gonna have our work cut out trying to slow down their running game."

Force Bingham into passing situations.

Hope to get turnovers.

Key Alta defensive player, according to Hamilton:

Linebacker A'I Ho-Ching: "He didn't get to play against Cottonwood. He had a swollen knee. Plus he's cousins with Harvey Langi. I think he's gonna come out and try to make a statement."