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Woman injured in auto-pedestrian accident

FARMINGTON — A 34-year-old jogger was in serious but stable condition after being hit by a car Thursday morning.

The woman was jogging along the sidewalk near Farmington Junior High School about 7:45 a.m., when she went into the street, apparently to avoid a sprinkler, said Farmington police officer Dave Quinley.

"We haven't confirmed if anybody is at fault yet," he said.

The woman suffered head injuries but was coherent and able to speak with medical personnel, Quinley said.

"The jogger doesn't recall exactly what happened. She can remember running on the sidewalk, and that's all she remembers," he said.

Quinley said as personal preference, he runs against traffic if he is exercising.

"If you're going with traffic, you can't see what's coming up from behind you," he said. "It's easier to jump out of the way than handle a vehicle that's 4,000 pounds."

The woman was wearing headphones connected to an iPod at the time of the accident, Quinley said.