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Mormons clean Ghanaian community

Members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, over the

weekend embarked on a clean up exercise, which began from the Mallam

Junction traffic lights, through the market, to the Sakaman Junction

traffic lights, as part of its quota to keeping the environment clean.

The Mormons in Africa has dedicated one day in August, when the male

members and adults in the church dedicate three hours of their time to

voluntarily do some service projects in the area they live in.

The churches were divided into four units from Kasoa, Bodumburam,

Macarthy Hill and Odorkor, to work at Mallam, while other units from

Manponse, Kwashieman, Mateheko and the Kaneshie, worked around the

Kanashie market and Takuradi station.

In a conversation with a Philip Kwame Weah Xaxagbe, stake president

of the Accra Ghana Macarthy Hill Stake, said it was an all-Africa

service project, done every year by their churches.