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Know a famous Mormon?

As both members and missionaries, Mormons cover the globe.

And in some cases, fame follows.

Take Kent Derricott, for instance. The once-shy, young boy

who grew up in Sandy is one of the most popular and recognizable

celebrities in a country of 127 million people. Derricott vaulted into

fame on the comedy television circuit in Japan after serving a mission

in Sapporo and returning to the country on a business trip.

But to most church members, he's relatively anonymous.

In an upcoming edition, Mormon Times will profile members of the LDS

Church who have carved out fame and notoriety in either their home

countries or places where they served missions, but who are not

well-known in the United States.

And we need your help. If you have an example of such an individual, e-mail his or her name and a short explanation to ... and watch for our upcoming profiles.