Music has a way of

seeping into your brain and staying dormant for decades. This week I had another

lyric come to me out of the depths of my subconscious, \"O-O-H child things are

going to be easier\"!Isn't it strange how those simple words can give us such

hope!I looked up the full lyrics and there are only the chorus and one

verse. It is repeated like an affirmation. Then as the song concluded it said,

right now! Isn't that the way all of us feel? We want things easier right

now!How do we accomplish this? We don't have mystical powers where we

can just wiggle our noses and see the results of our wishes. We have to do more

than just wish. So many times we get so stuck in our whining that we do not see

that we have the ability to make our desires happen.We deceive ourselves

into thinking that it is too hard, will take too long and that we don't have

time! This is nothing but our perfectionism causing us to procrastinate. When we

say we don't have time we should really just finish the sentence: I don't have

time to do it right. Why can't we talk ourselves into doing things instead of

wallowing in self-pity? I think it is because we forgot that we have the

power.As I was looking up this song I noticed that it was sung by a

group of young boys in 1970. Their name was The Five Stairsteps. Their name got

me to thinking about a quote from Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. He said, \"To take

the first step in faith, you don't have to see the whole staircase: just take

the first step.\" This got me to thinking about the five steps that you could take

to make your life easier.Step 1: It all starts with getting up from your

seated position and walking into your kitchen, then shining your sink. No

whining allowed! Just step out in faith! That sink will make you smile tomorrow

morning. You can even allow your perfectionism to have a little fun. When I got

organized I shined our old sink till it looked like a brand new penny! It gave

me hope!Step 2: Write down and follow a simple Before Bed Routine: check

your calendar for appointments, lay out your clothes for tomorrow, put items you

need to take with you in your launch pad and go to sleep at a decent hour. No

staying up too late. Get your rest and you will not feel so tired and rushed!

This will make your life easier.Step 3: Keep your morning routine in

your bathroom. This way you can just do and not have to think. As soon as my

feet hit the floor I start dancing through my day: Make my bed, shower, swish

and swipe my bathroom, get dressed to lace up shoes, eat breakfast and take my

vitamins. See how smooth this flows. You can't sit down and turn on your

computer 'till your routine is done. This way you do it fast! Then you get to

give yourself a reward!Step 4: Use a calendar that the whole family can

see. Don't just use your cell phone or computer. Get a calendar that is big enough to

hold all your family's activities. This way you are teaching your children how

to live a stress-free life. A cluttered calendar means no time for you! Make

appointments with yourself and with your children. Once a week sit down with

your family and synchronize your personal calendars. Write stuff on the calendar

as soon as you get it. No waiting 'till later. You always have time to make an

entry in your calendar.Step 5: Use a timer to help keep you focused! You

can do anything for 15 minutes or even two minutes. Just set your timer and see

what you can get done. You don't have finish; you just have to do something, especially when you say you don't have time! Set your timer and do two minutes.

You will be surprised at what can get done!These steps will get you

moving, and the crowning touch is your attitude. Be kind to yourself! FLYing is

all about self-respect. You have to quit being mean to yourself! Let go of your

perfectionism. You have been beaten down your whole life because you weren't

perfect. You don't have to be. You are worth loving just the way you

are!If you will step out in faith and take these five simple babysteps

you will be singing a new song: \"O-O-Child things are easier right