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Beginning card instructions

SUPPLIES: card stock, colored papers, decorative patterned paper, flower punches or flower die cuts, round punch, craft knife, colored brad, ribbon scrap, stylus or large-diameter sewing needle, pen, glue stick. Decorative scissors optional.

INSTRUCTIONS: Fold and trim card stock to desired size. Place front cover of card on padding (old mouse pad, layers of newspaper, styrofoam) and poke holes in pattern for flower stems with stylus or needle. Use pen to create "stitch marks" between the holes.

Punch flowers and use stylus to poke hole in the center of largest flower and insert and secure brad. Punch patterned paper with circle punch. Re-insert a portion of the paper circle into the circle punch and punch out slivers for leaves by cutting the edges off of the circle.

Cut slits at the outside of the punched stems and insert ribbon, leaving ends free in the front. Tie into a bow. Glue flowers and leaves onto stems. If desired, trim the front with decorative scissors and apply decorative paper to the inside of the card, making sure your inside strip is wide enough to be covered by the decorative cut. Glue the inside of your card's front cover with decorative paper to cover ribbon and stylus holes. Write your greeting, using rub-ons or computer generated type. You may wish to glue more flowers onto your envelope to match your card.