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Emily W. Jensen: Today in the Bloggernacle: Mormons in science

Monday, August 3Section names:

What if the Doctrine and Covenants had section names?

Taking the Qur'an as a guide, this blogger creates his own \"D&C Section Names.\"

For instance, Section 1 is now \"The

Islands.\" Section 25 is \"Emma Smith.\" And Section 137 is \"The Celestial


Understanding perceptions:

\"For Mormons, I believe that

understanding that most people know very little about them is a healthy

dose of reality. Understanding this may help them be less likely to

take offense when others demonstrate a lack of understanding.\" This

comes from a wonderful post exploring Mormon Diplomacy in a globalized sense.

Scientific religion: \"Mormonism and Science: A Short History,\" but, as she says, it's \"a

long blog post.\" But it's a great one, well worth your time as Ardis E. Parshell

deftly traces scientific thought in Mormonism, touching upon Joseph

Smith and Orson Pratt's ideas, Book of Mormon geography and

archaeology, evolution and more.

Genealogy blogs:

Want to get started into genealogy blogging? You need to check out this awesome list of \"Great Blogs to Follow.\" Includes blogs about writing genealogy, history, technology and more.