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Chip sealing set in Bryce Canyon

Starting Monday, Aug. 10, Bryce Canyon National Park will begin chip sealing the park's main road and pullouts.

The work will start from the park's entrance to the north and progress south to Farview Point, a total of 10.7 miles. Depending on weather conditions, the project is expected to last one to two weeks.

Visitors can expect delays of 15 to 20 minutes and are reminded to watch for flaggers and road crews, drive carefully and to obey reduced speed limits to minimize vehicle damage from loose chips. In addition, there will be sections of road where the shoulders and medians are unmarked.

Visitors are encouraged to ride the park's shuttle buses as roads and parking lots will be congested. All lodging, facilities, campgrounds and services as well as viewpoints will be open during the project.

For more information, contact the park at 435-834-5322.