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Felony charges are dropped in fatality

A felony charge has been dismissed against a man who spent three months in jail after he drove off a West Valley City road, hitting and killing a 76-year-old man in a wheelchair.

Prosecutors dismissed an automobile homicide charge against Gabi Idowu last week. Blood tests and retests from Utah and out-of-state labs came back negative for a depressant that could have impaired Idowu's driving.

Kenneth Christensen was at a bus stop when he was hit and killed May 27.

Idowu says he would do anything to alleviate the pain of Christensen's family. The 24-year-old college student says he understands if they don't forgive him.

Christensen's daughter, Clover Daniels, says it's a slap in the family's face that the charge was dropped.

Idowu still faces a class C misdemeanor charge of failure to signal and a class B misdemeanor charge of failure to maintain control of a vehicle.

— Associated Press