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Same old river plan

You say we need a new vision for the Jordan River — a 50-mile park from source to mouth, friendly to people, flora and fauna. Greenspace is to be preserved for future generations. Haven't we heard this tune before? If memory serves, about a generation ago there was a big push to change and upgrade the Jordan River. Speeches were made, trails were built, money was spent. A Jordan River State Park was established, personnel were assigned. Salt Lake City made improvements, Murray made improvements, some others talked about and may even have made some improvements. Then some developers decided they would rather make money by building in the floodplain instead of having more park. As I recall, some lawsuits were filed, politicians cooled and nothing more was done.

A new generation is forming a new choir, but the music is familiar and the lyrics are the same.

Will the chorus be different? I guess we'll wait and see.

Thomas W. Brown