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4 alligators found at Logan home

LOGAN — Officials in Logan were able to pick up a few exotic animals Friday after they discovered an aquarium filled with alligators sitting on a porch, police said.

Animal control officers were reporting on a different animal problem near 400 S. 400 East in Logan when they spotted an aquarium on a porch, said Logan City Police Capt. Jeff Curtis. Upon driving closer to the home, they saw four small alligators measuring two to three feet in the tank, Curtis said.

The animal control officer then called the Division of Wildlife Resources, which went to the home, where the alligators had been moved inside, police said. As it is illegal to own alligators in Utah, the animals were taken for "evidentiary purposes."

Police said the owner of the alligators was cited for one count of illegal possession of wildlife, and Curtis said they do not believe the alligators' owner had any other sort of exotic reptiles in his home.

— Emiley Morgan