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Pres. Eyring displays humor at DSC convocation

ST. GEORGE, Utah — As a church leader and longtime educator known for his

emotional messages, President Henry B. Eyring surprised Dixie State

College students Sunday night with a healthy dose of humor.At

one point Eyring, the son of a Nobel Prize-nominated chemist, pulled

out his iPhone and took a photo of the audience, remarking that he just

downloaded an \"app\" that was \"only 99 cents.\" The audience erupted in

laughter — and mostly likely surprise — that the 76-year-old former

college president and current first counselor in the First Presidency

of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints even had an iPhone.Throughout

his message, Eyring mentioned how much technology had changed since his

undergraduate days as a physics major, who learned then about the

\"latest developments\" like vacuum tubes.\"I worked really

hard to learn about vacuum tubes ... and they went away,\" he remarked

dryly, prompting laughter throughout the capacity crowd at the Cox