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When Mormon hands helped to keep Lagos, Nigeria clean

If you have visited the Ikeja General Hospital lately, you would

have noticed a blocked drainage that could only have been a breeding

place for mosquitoes. This is besides some discarded items at the back

of Ayinke ward that left the hospital looking unkempt.

Thankfully this unhealthy eyesore has

disappeared since a three-hour sanitation exercise was recently carried

out there with the result that the hospital now wears a new look. And

it was courtesy of the corporate effort of The Church of Jesus Christ

of Latter-Day Saints which recently mobilised its teeming members for

a state-wide environmental sanitation exercise.

Many people could not help but wonder aloud if it was another

government-sanctioned environmental sanitation day when they saw this

group of men and women armed with various cleaning items such as

shovels, hoes, cutlasses, brooms, rakes, wheel barrows, polythene sacks

and so on.But it was a misconception that lasted only a moment as the church

members were clad in yellow aprons with the inscription, "Mormon

Helping Hands". They set to work around 7 a.m., and by 10 a.m. had succeeded

in clearing heaps of refuse littering the area and unblocking most of

the drains.