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Emily W. Jensen: Today in the Bloggernacle: A touching letter

Tuesday, August 4

Mother's letter: \"You

will remember our various paths and trails — those we literally followed,

and those metaphorical journeys we took, making our way from tragedy to

hope, and from anger to forgiveness. I believe each journey — even those

still underway — ends in redemption. I believe each ends with a

realization that all of it — even the most anguished moment — was

unspeakably beautiful.\" This is just a touch of the heart-tugging

tenderness found throughout a letter

\"For My Son on his 18th birthday.\" So touching!

About adoption:

LDS Media Talk provides an information-packed review of,

the redesigned \"Pregnancy

Counseling & Adoption Web Site\" from the church. One of the new features: videos where birth

mothers talk about why they chose adoption for their babies. Throughout

the site, you'll find 16 video clips of birth mothers telling their

stories, along with the responses to questions from actual

birthparents, birth grandparents, and professionals.