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Police cite man for milkshake assault

SANDY — Police cited a 48-year-old man after they say he assaulted a teen fast-food worker with a milkshake.

The man went through the drive-thu at Dairy Queen, 9327 S. 1300 East, and ordered a shake, said Sandy Police Sgt. Justin Chapman. A few minutes later, he entered the restaurant and told the 16-year-old employee it was too thick.

"He says he specifically ordered a thin milkshake," Chapman said. "He said it was better on his teeth."

The teen had another milkshake made and gave it to the man. The man started walking away, but then turned around after taking a sip. The man apparently didn't think his milkshake was better than the last one.

The man threw the milkshake at the 16-year-old, hitting him in the chest and neck, Chapman said. Employees got the man's license plate number and called police. An officer spotted the vehicle and pulled the man over.

"He acknowledged he overreacted," Chapman said.

The man was cited for simple assault, a class B misdemeanor.

— Pat Reavy