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Museum shooting

I was in the U.S. Holocaust Museum last month attending a seminar on Holocaust studies. I was saddened to learn more about the awful moral failings that led to the death of so many innocent people. We were being reminded that the same very disturbing problems that caused the Holocaust are still found among many people when I heard the shots ring out that killed a guard, Stephen Johns, a fine man who was raising a young family. Johns, as an African American, was the victim of two kinds of prejudice that day. I believe his actions and those of the other guards saved my life.

The man who killed Johns was a white supremacist and a neo-Nazi who clearly viewed human beings as expendable vermin.

Just as my fondest desire is that the Holocaust had never happened, I also wish that such crimes would never be repeated. The only way to do so is the example of toleration and justice. I wish to commend everyone who — by your words, attitudes and actions — supports human dignity and fights hatred and prejudice. You make this a better world, and you ennoble us all.

Albert Winkler